FOG DOG: volumes i, ii & iii
(Berlin, June 2010)
Three prefatory fancies to the forthcoming novel by Albert McCloud

The Trial Of Manuel Rodriguez
(Hawaii, Feb. 2010 // with Eric Wood)
" not faithless, but believing. John 20:27"

A Letter To Manuel Rodriguez
(Folsom, Dec. 2009 // with Christina Wood)
Waiting For The Miracle, by Leonard Cohen

Butter Fly 09
(East Coast U.S.A., June 2009 // with Yvette-the-jet)
Why toil?

The Passion & The Luxury Of Fog Dog
(Berlin, April 2009 // Camera by P. Shafer)
Memory loss. Young girls blow sweet air. Inconclusive.
(Fog Dog Vol. III***)

Double Maze
(U.S.A., Fall 2008)
Fantastical romantic inheritance of Fog Dog mid thick in the journey.
Live band depicted by "Fancie" on the Same Same But Dibberents Tur Sista.
(Fog Dog Vol.II***)

Peace In Philadelphia
(Philadelphia, April 2008 // Camera by S. Kornhauser)
Andy Baby as Fog Dog becomes aware of his death in a dream.
His final action is one of forgiveness & generosity.
(Fog Dog Vol. I***)

Peace In Japan Part II
(Berlin, March 2008 // Camera by C. Filippini)
Baptism & subsequent gift of the Holy Ghost.

Peace In Japan Part I
(Berlin, March 2008 // Camera by C. Filippini.
With Siri Isakson & Nynne Just Christofferson)
Play & Territory.
The Angel of Mercy brings death to both parties.
Innocence is restored.

On The Job
(Berlin, Feb. 2008)
How do you know if someone loves you?