Elisabeth Wood 

is a writer, composer and director whose research on community spans roughly two decades. In Berlin 2013, Wood founded The Gray Voice Ensemble, the ongoing experiment of a community choir that sings the songs of Albert McCloud. The Anonymous Writing Group, first hosted during a 2015 residency in Buenos Aires, is a separate but associated practice linked to The Gray Voice Ensemble through Albert McCloud, the name for the collectively authored body of work edited and directed by Wood to which writing group practitioners can voluntarily submit text. Also subsumed into the authorial fog of Albert McCloud are the stories, songs and movies of Wood’s recording and touring band, Fancie (2000-2010).  A California native and resident of Berlin since 2003, Wood’s work also includes commissioned composition and direction for film, theater, dance and other art performances. She has studied literature, music and culture at Portland State University (BA), California Institute of the Arts, Arizona State University, and Universität Potsdam (MA).


selected work and publications


The Gray Voice Ensemble: Glamor and Danger in Warwarwar: The Salon —— Volksbühne Berlin, Grüner Salon 2018 (invited by Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff) —— director, producer


The Gray Voice Ensemble: Glamor and Danger in Warwarwar: The Pool —— Tropez at Sommerbad Humboldthain, Berlin 2018 (invited by & produced in cooperation w/ Kinderhook & Caracas)  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        —- director, producer

The Organ Grinder’s Canto by Leila Hekmat —— Duddell’s, Hong Kong 2018 —— composition & musical direction


The Gray Voice Ensemble: That Gratitude Attitude —— Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin 2017 —— director, producer


Pedicula by Leila Hekmat —— Eden Eden Gallery, Berlin 2017 —— composition & musical direction


Shade by Tarren Johnson & Mira O’Brien ——  Sophiensaele, Berlin 2017 ——  song arrangement and musical co-direction


The Gray Voice Ensemble: The Prayer For Community, with guests Mysti, Alistair & Roman Ole —— Reduta, Berlin 2016 —— director, producer


MA (Masterarbeit: “The Miracle of Community”) 2016 – Anglophone Modernities in Literature & Culture —— Universität Potsdam


The French Mistake by Leila Hekmat —— Koppe Astner, Glasgow & Schinkel Klause, Berlin 2016 —— composition & musical direction


constructing ruins (Keeping it Wet) by Julian Weber, with music and performance by The Gray Voice Ensemble —— District Gallery, Berlin 2016 —- ensemble direction


Il Faut Beaucoup Aimer Les Hommes – directed by Céleste Germe, music by Jacob Stambach —- Théatre Ouvert @ Das Plateau, Paris 2016 — choir director/producer


Wir sind die Guten – Aerea Negrot (Adventskalendar von Markus Öhrn) —— Volksbühne Berlin 2015 —— music performance


The Gray Voice Ensemble: sings the songs of Albert McCloud, winter 2015, with guest Poppet —— Blue Tap, Berlin 2015  —— director, producer


Berlin International Brass – Friedenskirche Charlottenburg Berlin 2015  —- commissioned composition


Hexenjagd, directed by Dominik von Gunten —— Theater Erlangen 2015 —— co-composition, -direction with Katrin Vellrath / choir direction


Pink or Blue —— Fashion video for Martin Niklas Wieser by Alexa Karolinski 2015 —— soundtrack


Anonymous Collection Of An Open Hour —— Bellefour, Buenos Aires ——  March 2015 Artist in Residency (Anonymous Writing Group)


O.K. – The Musical (Dress-Rehearsals) by Christopher Kline —— insitu gallery & Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin 2015  —— music director (Chor und klein Orchester) /  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             orchestral scoring and co-Arranger

The Gray Voice Ensemble: sings the songs of Albert McCloud, Spring 2014, with guests Hanne Lippard & Tomi Simatupang —— Taborkirche, Berlin; with guest Tarren Johnson —— Reduta,  

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Berlin; with guest Tomomi Adachi —— Kühlhaus, Berlin —- director, producer

Hymne auf die Bibliothek für den Deutschen Bibliotheksverband e.V. 2013, music by Katrin Vellrath —- choir direction for music video


Albert McCloud & members of The Gray Voice Ensemble —— Museum Ludwig, Kölln 2013 ——  director, producer


The Gray Voice Ensemble: sings the songs of Albert McCloud, Summer 2013 —— Taborkirche / Daytrip, Berlin 2013 ——  director, producer


Albert McCloud —— American West Coast Tour 2012 with Paul Arámbula


Beloved by Philip Shafer, with Albert McCloud (holographic video installation) —— 4D Tower Center Alexanderplatz, Berlin 2011 —— soundtrack


Innocents for Flutes (featuring The Choir of 13 Flutes), for Katelyn Reeves —— D301, California Institute for the Arts 2011 —— composition and direction


Albert McCloud —— Eclectic Electrics Festival, Meaford, Ontario Canada 2011


European Images (featuring The Europa Men’s Choir), with Philip Shafer —— Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin 2011 —— composition and direction


The Planetarium Choir: Planetarium 2010 (Bruno Adams, arr. Albert McCloud) —— Sacramento, CA —— published as split 7” w/Deradoorian/ Lovepump United Records, 2011


FancieFOG DOG: volumes i, ii & iii (Three prefatory fancies to the forthcoming novel by Albert McCloud) —— Premiere with live performance: Moviemento Kino, Berlin 2010


Fancie —— Eclectic Electrics Festival, Meaford, Ontario Canada 2010


Cathy: “There’s a drop of greatness in everyone. It’s what you do with your drop that matters.” with Katelyn Reeves (short film) —— Premiere @ Bijou Theatre, California Institute for the Arts,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    2010 —- soundtrack

Die Alone Sessions —- Seattle, WA 2010 ——  residency for music production hosted by Luke Bergman and Heatwarmer


The Trial of Manuel Rodriguez, with Eric Wood —— Hawaii 2010 —— short movie (“…be not faithless, but believing. John 20:27”)


Fancie —— The Passion & The Luxury Tour:  USA Tour 2009 with Adrian Orange


WiFB 2006: live jam and tour recs, by Fancie —— published as CD, GFKH 2009


WiFB 2007: tour recs, by Fancie —— published as CD, No More Second Chances 2009


Butter Fly 09, with Yvette-the-jet ——- East Coast, USA 2009 —— short movie (“Why toil?”)


A Letter To Manuel Rodriguez, with Christina Wood —— Folsom, CA  2009——- short movie (“Waiting For the Miracle, by Leonard Cohen”)


The Passion & The Luxury Of Fog Dog (Fog Dog Vol. III***) —— Berlin 2009 —— movie, camera by P. Shafer (“Memory loss. Young girls blow sweet air. Inconclusive.”)


Double Maze (Fog Dog Vol. II**) ——- USA 2008 —— movie (“Fantastical romantic inheritance of Fog Dog mid thick in the journey. Live band depicted by “Fancie” on the Same Same but

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Dibberents Tur Sista”)

Fancie —— Double Maze: USA Tour 2008 with Alas, alak Alaska!, GDFX & Adrian Orange


Peace In Philadelphia (Fog Dog Vol. I*)—— Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Studies (PIFAS) / Eric James Johnson Memorial Fellowship Artist in Residence 2008—— music / movie, camera by    

                                                                                                       S. Kornhauser (“Andy Baby as Fog Dog becomes aware of his death in a dream. His final action is one of forgiveness and generosity.”)

Peace in Japan Part II —— Berlin 2008 —— short movie, camera by C. Filippini (“Baptism and subsequent gift of the Holy Ghost”)


Peace in Japan Part 1, with Siri Isakson & Nynne Just Christofferson ——- Berlin 2008 ——- short movie, camera by C. Filippini (“Play & Territory. The Angel of Mercy brings death to both parties.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Innocence is restored.”)

On The Job —— Berlin 2008 —— short movie (“How do you know if someone loves you?”)


Private Summer, by Fancie (2007)  —— published as cassette, GFKH 2008 


Adaptions, by Fancie —— published on 7”, Lost Lamp Records 2007


STORIES OF FANCIE (The Feeling Of One; Humor Of The Blood; My Turn To Get Quiet; Eve; There’s A Story), by Fancie —- published as 5 disc CD set, Arkain Records/ GFKH 2007


Fancie —— Where Is Fancie Bred Tour 2007


Fancie —— Where Is Fancie Bred Tour 2006


Fancie with The Spandau Waldorf Children’s Chorus: “Das Komische Berlin Lied for Uli Schueppel’s Berlin Song (film) —— West Germany, Berlin 2006


Stranger To None, by Fancie (2004) —- published as CD, GFKH 2005


Children’s English Teacher —— Lichtenberger Sprachinstitut, Berlin-Brandenburg —— 2003-2006


BA – Arts and Letters (Music Minor)  2000 —— Portland State University


A Negative Capability, by Fancie (2000) —— published as CD, Hush Records 2001


Cantores in Ecclesia, under the direction of Dean Applegate & Richard Marlowe —- Portland, OR —- 1996-2002