W h a t   i s   w h y   i s   w h e r e   i s   w h o   i s   w h e n   i s   a n   a n o n y m o u s   v o i c e ?


The Anonymous Writing Group (TAWG)


Entertaining questions about anonymity, authorship and the general disposition to write, an anonymous writing group was first initiated during E. Wood’s 2015 residency in Buenos Aires. The group opens a space to write on or in reaction to common prompts within specifically allotted amounts of time. Participating members are invited to act as co-curators and can keep the writings private for themselves or they can choose to submit them anonymously* to be compiled and published.  


*Although names are not attributed to particular texts, contributors are listed and can choose to use their real name, a pseudonym, or no name at all. Those who contribute to these compiled editions become voluntary participants in the anonymous voice of Albert McCloud. The songs and works of Albert McCloud are performed by The Gray Voice Ensemble.  


2015 – Anonymous Collection Of An Open Hour (Buenos Aires)  

2017 – Bloom of Anonymous June (email group)  

2018 – Petit Anon (email group)  


Contact tawg@gmx.de to learn about future installations of the anonymous writing group.